Difference between Phrase and Clause with examples


Phrase and Clause


Phrase: A group of words having a particular meaning but with out a finite verb is called a phrase.


By Aslam

In the afternoon

On the chair

At that moment

In the west

A chair of gold

With care

The green car


Example Sentences

1.     The sun sets in the west.

2.     He has a chain of gold.

3.     The moon revolves round the earth.

4.     They bought a green car.

5.     At that moment, I was worried.

6.     We shall go there in the afternoon.

7.     Put the eggs on the chair with care.


Clause: A group of words that contain subject and predicate is called clause.

1.     A simple sentence contains only one sentence.

A simple sentence has just one clause. Every clause has a subject and predicate.

“The farmer ploughs the fields.” In this sentence “the farmer” is subject and “plough the fields” is predicate.

2.    A Compound Sentence has at least two independent sentences. Therefore, a compound sentence has two independent clauses.

“The students closed their books and they started playing”. In this sentence “the students closed their books” is one clause and “they started playing” is 2nd clause. And each clause has subject and predicate. For example in clause one “the students” is subject and “closed their books “ is predicate and in 2nd clause “they” is subject and “started playing “ is predicate.


Subject      predicate     conjunction


1.     The tiger is a cat but no one would keep it as a pet

2.     I shall not buy a ticket until you come.

3.     They met me but I was very busy.