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Homonyms / Homographs


Homographs are pair of words which have the same spelling but different meanings.


1.     Pass: Ali will pass his examination.

Pass: Ahmad got free gate pass for show.

2.     Bow: I bow to Allah.

Bow: I have a bow and arrow.

3.     Kind: The teacher is kind to the children.

Kind: This is strange kind of plants.

4.     Launch: They launched a compaign of election.

Launch: They crossed a river by a launch.

5.     Chest: Today I felt pain in chest.

Chest: Put these things in a chest of drawers.



Complete the following sentences with homographs.

Drop       light         train        right         birds   

1.     Many ______ were flying in a garden.

2.     We are waiting for the _________.

3.     My friend will__________ me how to ride a bicycle.

4.     This is the __________ answer.

5.     She has bangles on her _______ arm.

6.     He ________ his briefcase on a chair.

7.     Anwar will fight till the last _______ of blood.

8.     Do not study in dim ___________.